Minutes of NHW meetings

The meeting opened with GS and PR welcoming everyone who had attended, including two of our local councillors; Brigid Jones and Karen McCarthy, who always try to support your NHW group, so it is important for everyone to come along to at least some of the meetings as they are able to take questions and provide answers to ongoing matters.

We held our second of three annual NHW meetings at the Selly Park Baptist Church on the above date which gives all residents the opportunity to discuss local issues affecting them and their families.

The meeting began promptly at 7.00pm as there were a number of matters for discussion.
Councillor Karen McCarthy was present and outlined the two matters currently impacting on our locality; namely, the two Traveller groups and the work-to-rule action currently taking place amongst the binmen employed by the City Council. These points will be incorporated within the relevant section below for clarity.

The meeting began with an introduction from PR and GS to those attending including our councillors; Brigid Jones and Karen McCarthy.

We began the meeting with a summary of the points to be covered and referencing the information sheets that were going to be used throughout.

The last NHW meeting for 2015 began with PR and GS welcoming everyone who had turned out and relaying apologies from our local councillors and police for being unable to attend due to prior engagements.


The meeting of Thursday 17th November 2016 opened with those attending, including Councillor Karen McCarthy, being welcomed for the last of our NHW meetings for 2016.

The meeting began with a brief introduction from GS to welcome those NHW members attending and to reiterate the need for people to report all suspicious activity using the 101 number unless there is a threat to life or property when 999 should be used instead.