This is an article written by one of our residents in response to the theft of some garden ornaments from another individual garden along our street, at the back end of April this year, and they have given their permission to publish their observations around the need to evidence we are becoming better neighbours by looking out for one another. Please read this thought-provoking piece. 

NOW do you see why it is so important that we all start looking at each other's gardens. Just by being observant alerts someone that the neighbours know each other and talk to each other......and hopefully us all being more observant might stop this kind of thing from happening.


Start by watching your neighbours comings and's nothing to do with nosiness, but everything to do with being concerned for your neighbours, their property and the properties around you. Nobody is looking out for anybody anymore. Unfortunately, the ones that stick out are the ones with absent landlords


They don't care about what their gardens look like because they don't have to live with it on a day to day basis, and in most cases, their properties are the same.  Few take pride in their surroundings. Why not? Likewise with tenants who don't stay long. Why on earth would they be interested in what goes on in the street, let alone see a garden as something to be tended to, lived in, worked with.?


Unfortunately if something doesn't have a £ sign in front of it for them, then a certain element of our so called "community" just pass it by.  We have to become interested in people and our neighbours, whoever and whatever, they are. What do they do?.....where do they go?.....etc. and not just for the money they bring us.

I want to know who my neighbours are?.....I want them to speak to me......I speak to them, pass the time of day, make a joke, give them something. I want them to all be looking at my property especially when I'm not there. Be that nosey neighbour, don't hide behind your net curtains else what have you got to hide?

I'm well aware that my pots could go walkabouts. I think I've already had something taken from the front, but couldn't be sure........but then I have an unusual lifestyle! Whoever watches my house though will be aware that we are in and out of the front garden often. What I do notice is that a lot of people who pass my house don't even take the time to look at my lovely garden.


How could they not? I command they do! Even people on the bus won't turn their heads.......I find it staggering that people just don't do this. I'm doing it all the time. I'm looking at other people and their property. It gives me fab ideas and I love it when something makes me smile........Unfortunately for us we are going in reverse.


The Police are telling us to "shut all our windows", "lock our doors" and consequently people are doing just this, but at the same time they are also closing their own selves off from the very street they are living in. They are shutting themselves off to the world. I think the opposite way. Open your curtains and start chatting to everyone.


You want to know who they are. Why they are in your street?, what they do?, who THEY are?......etc. Looking out for each other and our properties should become second nature. Question people and ask them why they are there? Having all this secrecy and political correctness is having an adverse effect on our streets. 


Unfortunately we are our own worst enemies. Take your headphones away from your ears and listen. Take your blinkers off and start turning your heads. Look and learn what is around you. You may be pleasantly surprised.